Efek Penyuntikan in Ovo Menggunakan Multivitamin dan Omega 3

Keamanan pangan menjadi topik utama dalam beberapa tahun terakhir maka dalam artikel ini akan memberi penjelasan tentang penelitan yang mengupayakan ayam broiler yang memilki kadar kolesterol yang berbeda dengan lainnya.

Effect of In ovo injection with Newcastle Disease Vaccine, Multivitamins AD3E, and Omega-3 on Carcass Characteristics of Broilers

Published on: 8/6/2014

Author/s : Yasser Jamal Jameel(University of Kerbala) and Ali Mahdi Sahib (University of Kufa)


chicken_6This study was designed to identify the effects of In ovo injection with Newcastle disease (ND) killed vaccine, multivitamins AD3E and exogenous omega-3 on some carcass characteristics of broilers. On day 18 of incubation, four hundred fertilized eggs (100 eggs for each group), transferred from the incubator to hatcher. The eggs were injected with 0.1 ml saline solution as a control (T1), 0.1 ml ND vaccine (T2), 0.1 ml ND vaccine plus 0.1 multivitamins AD3E (T3), and 0.1 ml ND vaccine plus 0.1 ml omega-3 (T4). After hatching, all chicks boxed and transported to a poultry farm. Chicks were distributed into four equal groups with two replicates in each group. Carcass parameters were measured at the end of the experiment. Parameters included in this study were dressing percentage without giblets, dressing percentage with giblets, relative weights of edible giblets (heart, liver and gizzard), thigh meat cholesterol and breast meat cholesterol. The results indicate that groups with in ovo injection of ND vaccine plus omega-3 (T4), and in ovo injection of ND vaccine plus multivitamins AD3E (T3) have a significant improving in dressing percentage without and with giblets, thigh and breast meat cholesterol. While, all treatments have no significant effect on relative weights of edible giblets (heart, liver and gizzard). The results of this study encourage to use In ovo injection with omega-3 or multivitamins AD3E for increasing meat quantity and can take place on healthy meat.

Key words: Broilers, In ovo technology, Omega-3, Vitamins AD3E, Carcass parameters.