Infectious bronchitis: Reducing clinical signs in chickens

Research and development at Diamond V over more than 70 years has led to product technologies proven to support the immune system, particularly in its response to respiratory challenges (Jensen et al., 2008 and Moyad et al., 2009). Building on this work, Embria Health Sciences, a division of Diamond V, developed the human supplement EpiCorĀ®.

EpiCor demonstrated, through human clinical trials, a reduction in symptoms of colds, flu, allergies and hay fever (Moyad et al., 2009 and Moyad et al., 2010). The data have shown a reduction in the severity of symptoms and in length of time clinical signs persisted.

Similarly, published studies on chickens have reported an increase in antibody titers in Diamond V Original XPCTM-fed broilers vaccinated with Newcastle Disease virus (AlHomidan and Fahmy, 2007; Gao et al., 2008; Fathi et al., 2012). In all three published reports, scientists have documented elevated immune responses to Newcastle vaccination or challenge, indicating an improved level of protection in birds supplemented with Original XPC.

Given these reports, a study was designed to investigate the effects of feeding Original XPC with another respiratory disease, Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV). The following summary is from a study conducted at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.